Robo-Lion Robo-Lions FIRST Robotics Competition Team 2199
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  • Team Meetings Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 7-9 PM at the Jenness House
    • Saturday meetings as needed from Noon - 6 PM
  • Team Meetings Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 7-9 PM at the Jenness House
    • Saturday meetings as needed from Noon - 6 PM
  • TBD
  • Chesapeake Regional April 3-5, University of Maryland Comcast Center
The "Robo-Lions" FIRST Robotics Competition Team 2199 is Carroll County's only such team.  The FIRST Robotics Competition is the Major Leagues of K-12 Robotics, the most elite level of competition available.   The team is given 6 weeks to build a 120 pound robot from scratch, given a basic kit of parts,  to play a new game which is announced each January.  Robots compete in alliances of 3 versus 3 to outscore their opposing alliances in Regional Competitions held in major cities and colleges throughout the country.  Winners in key categories go on to compete in the World Championships held at the end of April each year.  

Robots are composed of industrial quality parts and programmed with industry standard computer languages and software.  Adult technical and non-technical mentors guide this student lead team as they strive to beat the deadline and have their robot ready for their 1st competition.  Membership is open to all High School aged students in Carroll County, Maryland and surrounding areas.

The team functions like a business and needs to raise ten's of thousands of dollars each year from local and national partners which provide engineering in addition to financial support.  Consequently; in addition to students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathetmatics; students with an interest in business, writing, and creative arts are critical members of the team.  It does take a team to build a robot - no individual or small group of individuals can accomplish this by themselves - in the meanwhile learning valuable life and career skills.  The Robo-Lions are truly a team where "Every student can go on to star in college and the pros"!  

The Robo-Lions have deep roots in the local community and partner with many Carroll County Engineering firms and other businesses, as well as the Carroll Technology Council, Carroll County Parks and Recreation via the Freedom Area Recreation Council, and Carroll County Public Schools.  Team 2199 is also one of the top 5 overall teams in Maryland and has earned a bid to the World Championships in 2011 and 2013.  They have won a Regional Award per year since 2009 - seven awards in six years in six different cities.  They are truly "The Pride of Carroll County".
Recycle Rush
The 2015 Game is called "Recycle Rush". RECYCLE RUSH is a recycling-themed game played by two Alliances of three robots each. Robots score points by stacking totes on scoring platforms, capping those stacks with recycling containers, and properly disposing of pool noodles, representing litter. In keeping with the recycling theme of the game, all game pieces used are reusable or recyclable by teams in their home locations or by FIRST at the end of the season.

Each Alliance competes on their respective 26 ft. by 27 ft. side of the playing field. Each match begins
with a 15-second Autonomous Period in which robots operate independently of their drivers. During this
period, robots attempt to earn points by moving themselves, their yellow totes, and their recycling
containers into the area between the scoring platforms, called the Auto Zone.

During the remaining two minutes and 15 seconds of the match, called the Teleop Period, robots are
controlled remotely by student drivers located behind the walls at the ends of the field. Teams on an
Alliance work together to place as many totes on their white scoring platforms as possible. Alliances earn
additional points for recycling containers placed on the scored totes, with containers at greater height
earning more points.

Alliances also earn points for disposing of their litter in their Landfill Zone near the center of the field, or
placing litter in or on scored recycling containers. Alliances that leave litter unprocessed on their side of
the field at the end of the match, not in scoring position, will add points to the score of the other Alliance.

Alliances have an opportunity to earn CoopertitionŽ points by coordinating with the other Alliance in the
match. Coopertition points are awarded if, at some point in the match, there are at least four yellow totes
on the step simultaneously. Coopertition points are doubled if the Alliances arrange at least four of those
yellow totes in a single stack on the step.